Minimum Charge £6.00 including post.

Prices exclude postage and packaging.

120,150,180, 240v,
Flexi extension Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable
Large exhaust extension N/A £7.00
Large exhaust flexi adaptor N/A £7.00
long exhaust Long outlet exhaust £20 £25
small inline exhaust Inline exhaust for flexi tube £12 N/A
Remote exhaust kit
(220mm Flexi supplied)
N/A Currently Unavailable
Engine mounting kit for single cylinder engines Coming soon £12
fuel line Silicone fuel tube. Can be cut to any length. Price by meter £1.50 £1.50
fuel Laser 5 glow fuel*
1 Gallon/4.55L

* Please note that glow fuel is collection only and cannot be shipped.