Contacting Laser Engines

In order to speed up all enquiries please read the following before contacting Laser engines.

To order an engine which shown as in stock please contact us directly

If your enquiry is related to availability or lead time of an engine which is out of stock please do not message us directly and see this page for all available information. We update this page regularly to minimise the time spent answering many emails asking the same question. Please note we can only accept orders for engines that are in stock and we no longer operate a back order policy. Please see the page linked above for all production information.

If you wish to order multiple engines for a multi engine project and need the engines to be matched please contact us directly for information on how to proceed.

If your enquiry is related to a problem with your engine, or concern about a loss of performance, please have details of your fuel, propeller, glow plug, and top end rpm achieved by the engine. Without these details it is difficult to work out if the engine is running well or not.

For all requests for engine identification please include a photo. It is very difficult to ID engines just from a description and a photo from a phone or tablet is a quick and easy way to ID any engine.

For all other enquires please contact us directly.

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