Laser 155


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A new engine developed from the Laser 150 to give an engine with wide torque band and useful rpm range. With greater power than the 150 and capable of using propellers in the 16-18’’ range the 155 can be used in sport, aerobatic or scale models with ease due to only a small increase in physical size over the 150.

For aerobatic models a 16×8/10 should be used for maximum performance, WW2 Scale models can be flown using a 17×8 which provides high thrust with low noise. If 17’’ props are not enough then the Laser 155 can swing 18×8 props with sufficient authority to be comparable with some 180 4 strokes and these larger propellers are ideal for scale biplanes.

With dimensions smaller than any of its competitors, a broad range of torque and crisp throttle response the Laser 155 is perfectly suited to any model calling for 120-180 4 strokes.

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