Laser 200v


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The most successful competition twin 4 stroke ever produced the Laser 200v has a wide power band and can be used in a variety of models. On board glow systems are not required due to the design of the engine and twin carburettor setup giving total control over engine tuning.

Using the same bore and stroke as the Laser 100 the 200v has plenty of torque for large propellers up to 20 inches and is a favourite with builders of ¼ scale WWI models. The engine is equally at home in WWII scale or aerobatic aircraft in the 30cc range when an 18×8 can be used for maximum performance.

With performance greater than any single cylinder 200 class engine but with significantly reduced vibration, the 200v is perfect for any 30cc sport or scale project.


*From Jan 2017 all engines now include radial mount

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